Support agents with superpowers

We utilize the latest advances in artificial intelligence to offer customer support technology and outsourcing with high quality and flexibility. You’ll not accept anything different after you know what we offer!


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A technology startup,
not a BPO.

We’re committed to providing a fantastic customer experience and quality. This is why even companies that never wanted outsourcing become customers.

GETTING you covered

Better quality, lower costs

There are no trade-offs. We are the superior option in all perspectives, including higher earnings for agents.

End-to-end Staffing

Recruiting, screening, hiring, onboarding, training, developing, paying, replacing. We do it all.

Best-in-class tools

We use the best the market offers and build our own tools and interfaces to make it even better.

Quality assured by A.I.

Guardrails for answer clarity, relevance, confidence, empathy, accuracy, speed, professionalism, and more.

Scale flexibility

Agents, just in time. Support your customers with only the agents you need based on demand. 

Be part of the future

To ensure that every customer has the best possible experience, we carefully limit the number of new customers we onboard at any time. 

Reserve your spot and get access sooner.



If you only believe it when you see it, wait no more!

The images are illustrative and doesn’t fully represent the platform interface.


Scale, focus and mastery

We are experts in customer support and allocate more time and resources to it than most companies can.


We do every step thousands of times, allowing us to invest heavily in making it excellent.


Customer support is our trade, and we’re not planning to change it anytime soon.


We strive for perfection and raise the bar, even if we are already the best in our field.


The next level of Privacy and Security

Support agents handle sensitive information and we’re committed to keeping it safe and secure.

Effective measures

We create and keep effective policies, procedures and protocols and train our team continuously on cybersecurity, fraud and data protection.

High standards

We have a bank-level security system in place, with encrypted servers, secure databases, strict access control and automations to protect all customers information.

Privacy by design

We take privacy into account early on in everything we do, and we comply with the most respected privacy laws worldwide: GDPR, DCIA, CCPA, LGPD, APPI, etc.

Ready for the customer support evolution?

Do not miss the chance to have this competitive edge.


You can be one of our next happy customers


“I wish I had access to Optave early, it would have saved our company a lot of money! It offers exactly what I was looking for.”

Erik Paul


Still not convinced?

Please take a look at these other ways we’re better.


We’re an additional layer to current technologies

There is no need to choose between bots, automation, CRMs, or knowledge bases when you can have them all. 

  • Connect to most CRM's
  • We integrate with Bots and Automations
  • Optional integration with internal systems
  • Easy to setup and start

Some popular questions

In case the answer to your question is not here, please contact us and we’ll gladly answer them for you.

Yes! We have a set of APIs where you can connect to provide all our superpowers in your own environment. They’re reliable, scalable, updated with the last artificial intelligence models and much cheaper than hiring your own engineers to maintain them!

Customers can personalize their agent’s team based on a list of attributes: skill set, compensation range, timezone availability, etc. They’re tangible items that reflect an agent’s capability of providing the service and do not include any form of discrimination.

There are two factors involved in our pricing: The average time an agent takes to answer customer requests and the number of interactions with our artificial intelligence required to do so. Because we have one of the most effective cost structures in the market we can offer really low prices. Most companies can expect less than USD 2 per ticket, and if the A.I. solves it automatically, it costs 5 times less!

Never. We take the privacy our customers very seriously. Each customer can create a list of restrictions and an agent working for you will be restricted to work for a company on that list. 

For sure! And all your customer data is available for you to download anytime to use with any Data Visualization tool you would like! Besides that, we offer a comprehensive dashboard with the most important metrics you need.

We’re very flexible and can serve any market that provides customer support through the internet. But we opt to only work in markets where the activity is legal in the country we’re providing support from and where we can be transparent with the end customer regarding the risks and consequences of the involved activity. 

The learning from outsourced agents is shared back with the company, we create periodic detailed reports about all agent’s activities and all answers are supplied for auditing. The data from your own agents is never shared and is exclusive to your company!

We train agents through videos, assessments, simulations and written materials. We include specific training for cyber security, managing challenging situations, and delighting customers through empathy.